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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guga Update

Well! Guga is just so sweet and reminded us all  so much of Harry (the GSD who died recently, he was leader of our pack) that mom  decided to bring him into the house and see if the us females would accept him. It all went very well and last night he slept in our bedroom with all of us females. I personally like him a lot. He incredibly has many of the habits that Harry had and personality wise he is very similar to Harry. We like to have a guy around. Harry was always laying by the kitchen door, or blocking a main corridor, He runs backwards and forwards between mom and dad like Harry. He leans his body on them for love with all his weight.  During his first night he needed to go outside and he scratched the door with his paw. We all give different signals, but this was Harry's. Pebbles barks, Misty batters the door with both paws, Jessie cries at the door and Emmy cries as well. He has not done anything in the house yet, which is just as well because we are all trained to go outside. It all comes naturally to him. Mom and Dad are freaked out they have never had a dog so comfortable, so quickly. Thay are beginning to think he is Harry is reincarnated somehow. Misty called him to play tonight. She only ever played with Harry her whole life through. He is now totally at home. he hasn't got on the sofa yet (they are always rather full of me and Jessie), but I guess he will try soon. He won't get mine though! Pictures of Guga in the house soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Gracie and I arrived here in pretty good shape. Pluto, however, did not. Mom found him lying by the side of the road, vulnerable to be run over. He was no more than four weeks of age. He did not have any teeth yet. He had bald patches all over his body due to mal nutition. His back legs no longer worked. He had an endema under his throat that looked like a balloon. He had an infestation of worms that took seven worming treatments to cure. He even vomited worms. He had the worst case of constant diahorhea Mom had ever seen. He was wrapped i n a blanket and given medication and spent the whole day next to the body of a human to get their warmth. Worse still his whole family were dead in a bin liner from which he escaped. Mom checked it out for signs of life but all were dead. Even his mother was in the bin liner. Pluto is a miracle. God wanted him to survive. Today he is a little rogue and happy with Gracie. His scars have healed, his fur is unmarked by the suffering. At least a hundred people passed him by and never stopped to think 'this is a little life'.   You can still see the scars here on his fur . Mom did not take pictures earlier because she was sure he was going to die. Look what hapened.
He survived!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Others out there

Well dad has not seen the black dog again. He seems to pass by once a week only. Each week leaving a marked degeneration of  his general condition. It would not help if he did pass because mom and dad do not have enough money to help him. We are all praying for him here. The rain has not stopped, so that doesn't help either. Guga is happy and waiting for the sun to come out so he can have a bath. Freddie is still irritated with mange. The old female is still visiting the bakery several times a day for food. Yesterday a big black dog was running in the street outside our home. He looks like another stray too. He is not in too bad a condition, so probably recently abandoned. They are all over the place. The average life span for a street dog here is one year. It used to be less. Mom told us about the circus days before Brazil banned lions and big animals for this type of entertainment. The circus people used to feed the lions abandoned and stray dogs. When the circus left there wasn't a stray dog to be seen. Well mom and dad are back to worrying about their financial crisis and what will happen to us if they don't manage to ride the storm through. Mom is still expecting some type of miracle and dad is quietly depressed and tired. Lets all hope for a better year in 2011.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Black Dog Urgent

This dog so full of sores, lumps, mal nutrtion, eyes full of pus, has just turned up at the bakery again as I paw this. He came there the first time Christmas Eve and then today New Years Eve. I think he is trying to tell us something. Mom and Dad are going crazy. They want to take him to the vets and find out if he can be saved. We need more money because he is so debilitated he will be staying in a vets at least a week or more and will need tests etc. If, he has a chance. It may be a PTS case. I hope not. Please help us sort out this terrible case. It ranks as urgent. Now that he has eaten at the bakery twice he probably will return. Dad will bring more photos of him tonight. We can't bare to look it makes us want to cry. The dog is walking half dead and half alive. We feel so terrible for him. Lets try to help him. At least if he is curable then treat him and try to find a home for him because here mom and dad are packed to capacity. They need to  build another kennel and get proper funding. God help them!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well he is settling in nicely and is very affectionate with mom and dad. He stays close to mom and dad at the moment but today at seven in the morning he did a bit of exploring on his own.

He is missing all four fangs and other teeth as well. He has a lump in his throat, so will go to the vets on Monday. His street name from all the people that knew him during years on the streets was 'Guga', so mom decided to stick with it although nobody likes the name. Guga is a Brazilian tennis champion. He responds to his name and comes when he is called. He eats like a horse and is thin. Mom can feel all of his ribs. He is covered in scars and callouses. He has not had a bath because mom says this will  lower his immune system and she prefers to wait until the vet sees him. He does smell a bit!!!! We all think he should get a good perfume. I am going to post a pic of me soon as this is my web site to, although I will be keeping a low profile. Now I am working out a plan to help his girlfriend and a way to build another kennel here. I am lying on the sofa thinking about it right now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

he finally came home

Today the big brown lab finally came to his furever home. He seems to be happy and relaxed. Mom and Dad changed their minds and put him with Mini. She was a little afraid of him at first, but has accepted him well. Mini is a very quiet dog and does not like to plat like Sam. Mom figured that Mini would be better with him because she is quiet. He has hardly any teeth and won't be biting anyone. Although in my opinion he looks like a nice old lab. He has not barked yet, so we have not heard his voice and he has a little trouble with his back legs getting up and down from a lying position. He appently spent a lot of years in the streets so should be able to tell us a few tails. He is so quiet that Pluto never noticed him.

Isn't he handsome!

We all want to know where are his teeth? he hardly has any at all.

Here he is with dad in the kennel and you can see a very nervous mini behind.

Here he is getting to know the play area at 1.30 he will be coming out to play off the lead with mini and mom and dad. Dad is home today until 5 o clock trying to build a house for him. He doesn't know that mom cut his head off yet!

Here you can see his battle scars. Dad said he took some bad beatings because of his lack of teeth, but still did not give up. He must be one very determined old dog. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Emmys new Year Resolutions

Hi Emmy and the gang have resolved to find a way to rescue the Big Brown Lab. They all want him and his girlfriend to move here and spend a peaceful old age with them. We need to work on this. first we need to build a large kennel because the empty chicken house would not be adequate. This week there has been torrential rain and mud slides so it has to be a strong all weather construction and this costs money. Secondly they both need vet treatment although they seem to be in reasonable health for their ages and living conditions. Both have gained a lot of weight since dad started to feed them. They depend on him and if he sells the bakery then they cannot be abandoned there. 
As you can see he needs his eyes treated as they are also weeping a small amount of pus. This can be a sign of tick disease, so he would have to be tested for this and have a general blood test too. He needs vitamin supplements, vacs, and a whole lot of TLC. His mange is improving after two injections and he has four more to go. Fortunately he is a calm and non aggressive dog so dad can inject him in the street.